27 September 2019

Get the Most Out of ACA Apps

The Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) Just Start Walking and Straighten Up apps are designed for anyone and everyone to use. Available from both the App Store and Google Play, these apps allow you to keep your health at its best through emphasising the importance of exercise and correct posture habits.

Take a fresh look at the ACA’s apps to help improve your health and wellbeing.

Just Start Walking

The recently revamped Just Start Walking app is the perfect app for anyone wanting to kick-start their fitness journey or simply get out and active. The app has a number of features including:

Straighten Up Australia

Looking to incorporate positive spinal health habits into your everyday routine? The Straighten Up Australia app is your pocket chiropractor to take with you anytime, anywhere. The app features practical tools to help improve your spinal health and overall wellbeing such as:

Both apps also contain the Locate a Chiropractor feature, so you can find an ACA chiropractor near you.

Whether you have these apps already on your phone or are yet to download, take a fresh look and realise the potential they have in helping you better your health and wellbeing.

Download the Just Start Walking app from the App Store or Google Play

Download the Straighten Up Australia app from the App Store or Google Play

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