Endorsed Products

Endorsed Products

The ACA understands that consumers value products based on sound orthopaedic and ergonomic design principles.

Have Confidence in an ACA Endorsed Product

Endorsement by ACA indicates that the sample products exhibit good orthopaedic and ergonomic design.

ACA does not endorse the manufacturing process for products sold bearing ACA’s endorsement.


The Apollo 5 Advantage will allow you to perform at your best. Designed and made in their own factory it will provide years of trouble-free service in the busiest clinic environment.

Exact Fit Harness

One Planet believe the harness is the most important part of a rucksack. Without a strong, comfortable harness, you may as well buy a suitcase.

SleepMaker CHIRO Bedding Collection

SleepMaker CHIRO Bedding Collection – For over 25 years SleepMaker has produced the only bedding range approved by the ACA.

Chiropak Backpack

The ACA together with Spartan and Macquarie University (NSW), joined forces to research and develop the ‘Chiropak’.


For over 50 years, Stressless® has been manufacturing luxury furniture including recliners, sofas, office chairs and home theatre seating – ergonomically designed and made in Norway.


ACA has partnered with Supacore, promoting their patented medical grade range of sports compression products.