Dive into a wide range of health topics that cater to both health professionals and the general public. Whether you are a healthcare professional seeking to expand your knowledge or a curious individual striving for a healthier lifestyle, our podcasts offer valuable information and captivating conversations.

ACA Podcast (Health Professionals)

The ACA Podcast, hosted by Dr Kim Lie Jom, is a podcast specifically tailored for chiropractors. Explore the science, art, philosophy, and politics of chiropractic, while reviewing the latest research and discussing ways for chiropractors to excel in their practice. Tune in to stay informed, gain valuable insights, and enhance your chiropractic skills for exceptional patient care.

Consult a Chiro Podcast (General Public)

The Consult a Chiro Podcast is dedicated to providing valuable health and wellness information to the general public. Gain insights from experts, explore the latest research, and uncover practical tips for improving your health and wellbeing. Learn about the benefits of chiropractic care and how chiropractors can be a valuable part of your healthcare team.