06 Jun 2024

Embracing the Chill: The Health Benefits of Walking in Cold Weather

As winter draws near and the temperatures drop, it might be tempting to stay indoors, snuggled up in the warmth.

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SHW24 Blog
23 May 2024

Have you Consulted an ACA Chiropractor for your Back Pain?

Spinal Health Week 2024 is here, and this year’s theme is Back Pain! Did you know that 4 out of 5 Australians experience back pain at some point in their lives?

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18 Apr 2024

Embrace Autumn Wellness

As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, autumn invites us to enjoy its unique beauty and offers an opportunity to renew our commitment to health and wellness.

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Tech Neck
28 Mar 2024

Look Up.  Live Better.

As the use of mobile devices continues to soar, the convenience of being perpetually connected comes with a caveat. The habitual downward gaze at phones, tablets, and laptops can adversely affect our neck and spinal health.

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12 Mar 2024

Balance, Celebrate, and Rejuvenate this Easter Long Weekend

Easter is on the horizon, and the upcoming long weekend in Australia brings a distinctive mix of tradition, relaxation, and celebration. As families and friends come together to mark this significant holiday, it’s also a time to prioritise health and wellbeing amidst the festivities.

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Valentines Day Blog 2024
12 Feb 2024

This Valentine’s Day: Love Your Partner and Your Spine

Love hangs in the air as we celebrate one of the most special days on the calendar – Valentine’s Day. Our annual day of showering the people we love in hallmark cards, flowers and chocolates.

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29 Jan 2024

Back to School, Back to Health: Get Your Kids Ready For the New Year!

Cue the rulers, coloured pencils, and rubbers, the new school year is here and it’s time to shine! With freshly polished shoes and ironed uniforms, there are lots of things that have to be prepared before the big day!

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