Exact Fit Harness

Exact Fit Harness

Exact Fit and Exact Fit Plus Harness

One Planet’s Exact Fit harness system is the only one to be endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association.

One Planet believe the harness is the most important part of a rucksack. Without a strong, comfortable harness, you may as well buy a suitcase. They have spent more than two decades continuously improving the Exact Fit harness system, making it the most comfortable, durable and convenient harness on the market. As a result, One Planet harnesses are famous for their comfort. In fact, One Planet’s Exact Fit harness system is the only large rucksack harness to be endorsed by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia.

The Exact Fit harness is available in eight harness fits, with four male and four female fits available in three back lengths. Other brands have a maximum of four harness sizes: whose do you think will fit better? The Exact Fit system aims to give optimum comfort, allow freedom of movement, minimise stresses on the body (especially the spine), and to facilitate an exact fit without the pack leaving your back. So whether you’re shaped like Elle Macpherson or everyone else, with a One Planet rucksack you’ll get a comfortable fit.

To stabilise the top part of the pack, a comfortable portion of the load needs to be carried on the shoulders. How much weight is carried here is a matter of personal preference. We recommend adjusting the shoulder strap (the strap under the armpits, which transfers the load between the hips and shoulders) until the most comfortable position is found. The shoulder-strap tension may require adjusting throughout the day as some people prefer it slightly looser when walking uphill, and slightly tighter when walking down.