11 October 2022

Every Spine Counts this World Spine Day

World Spine Day is fast approaching and is one of the most important dates on our chiropractic calendar! Celebrated on 16 October each year, World Spine Day is believed to be one of the biggest global health events dedicated to promoting spinal health and wellbeing worldwide. The one-day campaign is organised by the World Federation of Chiropractic and is celebrated and recognised by health professionals and public organisations right across the globe from Europe to Australia.

This year’s theme ‘Every Spine Counts’ shines a light upon the global burden of spinal disorders and the diverse set of challenges they present across the globe in all regions, cultures, and backgrounds. ‘Every Spine Counts’ also addresses the need for increased worldwide access to quality spinal health services, especially in impoverished communities.

This campaign is particularly important for chiropractors and other health professionals as it calls for a greater global commitment to tackling spinal pain and disability by governments, communities, and public health bodies worldwide.

Sadly, for many people, spinal disability is more than just an inconvenience; but a terrible circumstance where individuals are no longer able to work and supply food and shelter for their children and families. Even in high-income countries, back pain affects millions of people, resulting in an enormous impact on industry and the economy.

This year, World Spine Day will aim to focus on highlighting the ways in which people can ultimately help their spines by adopting a variety of healthy habits including staying mobile via physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight and posture, not overloading their spines, and avoiding bad habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and vaping.

For more information on World Spine Day, visit www.worldspineday.org

Straighten Up

Develop a daily habit of engaging your spine through completing some gentle stretching. Stretching helps to strengthen your back and core muscles, which not only assists in healing acute back pain, but also in repeating it or getting it in the first place!

Stretching is a valuable tool in the toolbox of treating back problems. Weak backs and abdominal muscles can cause or worsen low back pain, as can less flexible muscles and connective tissues, which can restrict joint mobility. So, a basic stretching regime targeting your back, abdominal and buttock muscles is key. But remember, stretch regularly without bouncing – as that can cause tissue injury.

If you aren’t used to stretching, keep it simple. Start easy and hold a stretch for a short period of time and gradually build up to 30 second stretches over time. You can also download the improved ACA’s Straighten Up app to complete some great stretching routines, all at the tip of your fingers on your phone!

Just Start Walking

Walking for 30 minutes a day is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing. Not to mention, increase your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, and reduce body fat, as well as mitigate the chances of developing osteoporosis over time. Most importantly, walking is great for your spine! Walking increases the stability of the spine and conditions the muscles to keep the body in an upright position. Walking basically nourishes the spinal structures by facilitating strong circulation, pumping nutrients into soft tissues, as well as draining harmful toxins. Not to mention, walking can be done at any time of the day and at your pace! It’s a win for you and a win for your back.

Make your spinal health a priority by going outside and doing some brisk walking. Want more fun? Download our Just Start Walking app to compete with family and friends!

Chiropractic Care

Your ACA chiropractor can also help. They can provide you with tailored and appropriate care, as well as lifestyle advice to help improve your spinal health and overall wellbeing.

To find your local ACA chiropractor visit findachiro.org.au