9 September 2022

Straighten Up App Relaunch

In conjunction with Workspace Week, ACA has relaunched its infamous Straighten Up app. With a brand-new look and design, and improved features – you can use the Straighten Up app as your ‘pocket chiropractor’ at home or on the go! The app was originally designed by the ACA to address the growing postural issues and back pain problems inevitably faced by millions of Australians nationwide.

The ACA is excited to be re-launching this fantastic app and encourages Australians to download the app today. The Straighten Up app is not only easy and simple to use – but will ultimately have great long-term benefits for the user’s overall spinal health and wellbeing.

Key Features

3 Minute Exercise Program

The first key feature of the Straighten Up app includes an updated version of the popular 3-minute exercise program. This stretching program has been designed by ACA chiropractors to help improve spinal health, stabilise core muscles and enhance general health. The 3-minute exercise program is not only the perfect way to release stiffness and any tension that has built up in the body from working throughout the day – but encourages users to create positive daily habits. Studies conducted overseas indicate that 90% of people who adopted the exercises as part of their daily routine reported a postural improvement. Approximately 80% reported that their backs are more comfortable and that they have better core stability after practicing the activities for several weeks.

The updated exercise program includes an animation that will gently guide you through a voiceover of the set of exercises. The exercise animation can be rotated from all angles, allowing app users to complete the exercises confidently, knowing that they are doing them correctly. Another user experience improvement is the added horizontal menu feature in the exercise program which allows users to select specific stretches by sliding from left to right on the menu. The newly updated app also includes a simple dashboard on the home page, showing the number of consecutive days the 3-minute exercise program has been completed – as well as the total days of completion. This is a great way to not only keep a record of your progress but give you the motivation to keep those numbers increasing!


The Straighten Up app also allows users to set reminders to receive notifications throughout the day about stretching, correct sitting posture, taking breaks, and of course, staying hydrated. Users are able to customise the frequency, time range and days for receiving notifications. These reminders are a great way for users to stay on track with creating healthy habits each and every day.

Augmented Reality (AR)

One of the best features of the Straighten Up app includes an updated Augmented Reality (AR) function. By clicking through to the AR section of the app, users can see first-hand, live augmentations of both good and poor posture in various settings from gardening, wearing a backpack, texting, and sleeping to working at a desk. The AR feature on the Straighten Up app is a great way to interactively see correct spinal habits and where you might be going wrong! This is also a fun way to get kids involved and learning about posture and how it can be affected in different circumstances.

To use the AR feature simply point your camera at any flat surface and watch their AR character come to life. The AR feature of the Straighten Up app is ultimately a fantastic learning tool to visually see good and bad postures come to life right at the tip of your fingers!

News Feed

The last feature of the refreshed Straighten Up app includes a news feed in the main menu. With one click of a button, you can keep up to date with the ACA’s latest news and blogs to read all in the palm of your hand.

Find a Chiro

The updated Straighten Up app also includes our ‘Find a Chiro’ search engine. This feature allows any user to quickly and easily locate their nearest ACA chiropractor.

The ACA is thrilled to be relaunching our new look Straighten Up app. With more ease and functionality, the Straighten Up app is the perfect 24/7 ‘pocket chiropractor’ that you can recommend to anyone.

Your ACA chiropractor can also help. They can provide you with tailored and appropriate care, as well as lifestyle advice to help improve your spinal health and overall wellbeing.

To find your local ACA chiropractor visit findachiro.org.au

Download the free Straighten Up app from the App Store or Google Play.