7 January 2021

Make your Posture a Priority at Work

Many around the country have said goodbye to the last days of their Christmas break and are turning on their computers to start working away into the New Year.

With nearly half of Australians working at a desk, let’s make sure you haven’t forgotten how to sit correctly at your computer and set up your workspace to support your posture and spinal health.

Whether working from home or in an office here are some simple tips to help improve your posture while at your desk:

Get the Ergonomics Right

Ensuring the equipment you use is ergonomically sound can be great in supporting your spinal health. For instance if you work off a laptop, use a separate mouse and keyboard so you can elevate the screen to your eye level with the help of a few props. 

Practice Good Posture

A supportive and ergonomic chair is key in helping your posture and spinal health while working. Sit on the chair with your feet either flat on the floor or supported by a footrest. Arms should be relaxed by your side (wrist straight when using your mouse and elbows at 90-110 degrees when typing), with your posture relaxed and tall.

Try a Standing Desk

If there is an opportunity to be at a standing desk, even better, as this will be helpful for most people. If standing, maintain an upright relaxed posture. To help prevent tilting the hip to one side, place a footrest underneath the desk and alternate each foot resting on it.

Walking Breaks

Sitting for long periods of time can be harmful to your spinal health, so make a conscience effort to take breaks by scheduling in mini breaks every 30 minutes to keep your body moving throughout the day. During lunch breaks or even after work is also a great time to head out for a walk to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. Walking is also beneficial for your spinal health and overall wellbeing.      

Your local ACA chiropractor can also provide you with advice and assistance on how to implement positive spinal health habits while at work. To find an ACA chiropractor near you, visit findachiro.org.au