21 December 2020

Step into our Just Start Walking Playlists

Wasting time searching for that perfect playlist before your walk? Just want something already made for you that suits your mood or the season? Then look no further than our Just Start Walking playlists!

Our six playlists on Spotify are made to motivate, inspire and take you back to simpler times on your daily walks with the Just Start Walking app.

When in the app, simply hit the ‘Current Walk’, then select ‘Spotify Music’ to be taken to all our available playlists for whatever the mood has you in. You can even save our playlists so you can easily find them anytime you decide to head out for your walk!

See a brief description of the playlists you want to listen to while hitting the pavement and counting those steps.

Happy Walk

Want some songs to put you in a good mood? Check out our Happy Walk playlist, with a mix of new and old school sounds, the mix is bound to put a smile on your face.

Chill Walk

If you’re in the mood for some more peaceful tracks, then the Chill Walk playlist is perfect for you. Enjoy some acoustic based and mellow songs to relax on your walk when you just need to chill out.

80s Walk

We throw it back with this playlist! Our 80s Walk playlist is sure to make you dust off your leg warmers, pull out the fluro and moon walk to these classic songs!

Spring Walk

Whether the season is changing or just looking to put a spring in your step, our Spring Walk playlist is great for watching the seasons change, or uplifting your spirits while walking.

Workday Walk

Start off your work week by adding our Workday Walk playlist to your Spotify and listen to these great tunes on your next midday stroll. Perfect for when you need to destress or zone out for a little.

Christmas Walk

Embrace your inner Santa and get into the Christmas spirit with out Christmas Walk playlist. With festive classics and new school holiday songs, this playlist is sure to get you ready for Christmas on your next brisk walk.

Listen to our Spotify playlists on your next walk and be sure to download the Just Start Walking app to track, map and save all your walks!

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