14 February 2019

Valentines Day For The Vertebrae

Don’t have a Valentines this 14 February, or have too much love to give? Why not share that love with something that is there for us day in and day out, who supports us no matter what, who never judges, and always lifts us up? Your SPINE!

With our spines being there for us through the first dates to the heart breaks, it’s important we remember to give back to our spine and show it some love by following these easy and simple tips!

Don’t wait for one day a year to show your spine how much you love it. Your amazing spine should be cared for and looked after every day by implementing these small lifestyle habits.

If you need some advice on how to improve your spinal health visit your local ACA chiropractor for more information, and we hope you and your spine enjoy a lovely Valentine’s Day together.

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