22 December 2021

Straighten Up this Festive Season

Prepare Rudolf and the reindeers as we’re about to fly well and truly into the peak of this busy Christmas season! Frantically buying presents, hanging Christmas decorations and checking our Christmas lists – there’s lots to do and many places to be! Sometimes it feels the Christmas lists are never ending!

  1. Walking: As we draw closer to Christmas our days are getting busier and busier! There’s a lot of rushing around and we forget to prioritise and make time for some regular exercise. Squeezing in some time throughout the day is key. Try getting up 30 minutes earlier to go for a walk or incorporate walking into your daily journeys. You can also download our Just Start Walking app which allows you to experience the benefits of walking by tracking and mapping your walks so you can monitor your progress.
  2. Take breaks: Christmas can be a very busy time, hanging decorations, wrapping presents and cooking up Christmas feasts, which can all put strain on our bodies, especially our spine. We don’t need to do all these tasks at once or by ourselves. So be sure to ask for help and take frequent breaks.
  3. Carry correctly: Wrapped a present that’s a little too heavy? Make sure to carry heavy items in a spine safe way by keeping the item as close to your body as you can. When space permits bend at the knees instead of the waist to lessen the strain on your back, use both hands and slowly stand up.
  4. Phone down: The Christmas period can see us using our phones just that little bit more than normal. We’re making additional plans and recording our experiences on social media – tagging friends and family in stories. While it’s great to be so interconnected, it can also take away from being in the moment during these times that matter most. Take lots of photos, but try putting your phone away afterwards and upload your experiences and stories when you get home.
  5. Sleep right: Give your body an early present by trying your best to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night (8 hours is even better)! Be sure to keep your posture in mind while you enjoy some well-deserved slumber too.
  6. Exercises: Take a few minutes out of your busy day to complete the three-minute exercise program on the Straighten Up app, which is designed to improve your spinal health, stabilise core muscle groups and enhance your overall health.

The Straighten Up app was developed by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) to help everyday Australians improve their spinal health and wellbeing. Why not set reminders and receive notifications about sitting right, stretching, improving posture and staying hydrated?

Just remember to gift your spine with a little TLC this Christmas season by downloading the ACA’s apps. Your local ACA chiropractor can also provide advice and assistance on improving your spinal health and wellbeing. Find your local ACA chiropractor at findachiro.org.au