21 January 2021

Check off your Back to School Health Checklist

Every January millions of children go back to school. While schools are great places for children to learn and develop both mentally and socially, it’s important for kids to remember their health and wellbeing in the classroom, all year round.

While most parents and children have a checklist of stationery and supplies for starting the school year, we at the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) have developed a ‘Back to School Health Checklist.’ The checklist, as part of our annual Back to School Campaign, is a great way to remind kids of the importance of building healthy habits in school.

They are simple to incorporate and easily fit into a child’s everyday routine. As kids don’t often think about the impact common activities can have on their overall health and wellbeing, try and check off these items with them this back to school season:

Pick up your complimentary Back to School Health Checklist from your local ACA chiropractor or if you are concerned about your child’s spine or any other back to school related activities, consider an ACA chiropractor today!

For more information on our Back to School campaign, visit backtoschool.org.au

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