26 March 2021

Meeting the Next Generation of Chiropractors

Orientation Week (‘O’ Week) is an exciting time to introduce the incoming chiropractic students to the Association and profession, even if it did look a little different this year. COVID -19 restrictions meant Murdoch University and Macquarie University held their presentations via Zoom while CQUniversity and RMIT University were luckily able to hold theirs in person.

Murdoch University held their online presentation on Monday 15 February. Western Regional Manager Shelly-Anne Cornell had the pleasure of being a part of the presentation, highlighting the support ACA provides to chiropractic student members throughout their studies. Those who were able to attend in-person checked out the facilities, including the University’s Student Hub and Pop-up Ref.

Next was Macquarie University’s Zoom presentation on Tuesday 16 February. ACA had two presentation times each having over 70 students calling in. Eastern Regional Committee member and Student Liaison Dr Aimee Mason and Eastern Regional Manager Suzanne Bowyer attended both sessions. Dr Mason spoke about her experience as a student and how the ACA has supported her during her transition to practitioner.

While Shelly, Aimee and Suzanne could not attend the presentations in person, it was great to see the ACA Student member applications coming through during the talks.

Next was the ‘O’ Week presentation at the Australian Chiropractic College (ACC) in South Australia. Southern Regional Chair Dr Melissa Michels presented on behalf of the ACA, again highlighting the work of the ACA and how we support student members during their studies and then transitioning into practice.

RMIT were next with an in-person presentation by ACA President Dr Anthony Coxon and RMIT SCA Representative Dr Olivia Peacock. They welcomed this latest cohort of students, making them aware of student membership benefits including access to free CPD, student speaker nights and mentor program.

Thank you to SCA Representative Dr Ben McDonell and his team who ably represented us to remind students of the support the ACA provides the chiropractic profession, chiropractors and students.

The CQUniversity campuses were also fortunate enough to have an in-person presentation. Northern Regional Manager Linda Smith attended the Brisbane campus, enjoying the interaction with first year students and being part of a trade show. On the Mackay campus, students also participated in a trade show, with Masters students additionally providing postural assessments to the group.  

All students on the Brisbane and Mackay campuses received a welcome pack from the ACA and have been invited to join the Association as student members.

Despite the need to adapt and work within certain restrictions, ACA is excited to welcome over 70 new chiropractic student members to the ACA. We look forward to this number growing as we are able to provide more in-person and online events.

If you’re a chiropractic student, become an ACA Student member today by visiting chiro.org.au/students