15 June 2021

Class of 2020

With restrictions on gatherings, activity and social distancing varying in each state, like last year’s graduating classes, some students and cohorts have had a different experience of celebrating graduation again this year. While the experience of graduation has been different from state to state, this does not diminish the achievement of our graduating classes and we acknowledge all chiropractic graduates from across the country as they head into the next chapter of their chiropractic careers.

The majority of students completed their studies at the end of 2020, with the awards ceremonies, graduation dinners and balls that could take place having been held up until the first half of 2021, with each of the four universities acknowledging graduation in their own way to celebrate five years of achievement, hard work and persistence invested by the class of 2020.


The students from CQUniversity completed their studies at the end of February this year.

Students from the Brisbane CQUniversity campus enjoyed a graduation dinner on the Brisbane River, held on Saturday 20 February, which was attended by Northern Regional Committee member Dr Josh Shea and Northern Regional Manager Linda Smith, who were privileged to deliver a ‘Welcome to the Profession’ address.

The Mackay Graduation Ball on Friday 7 May was a special event, with both the 2019 cohort, who were unable to celebrate last year due to COVID restrictions, and the 2020 cohort, coming together for a combined graduation celebration. Northern Region Manager Linda Smith attended on behalf of the ACA, with all in attendance enjoying a night of laughter and collegiality as the achievements of both cohorts were celebrated by family, friends, chiropractic students and the local chiropractic community.

Graduates at both celebrations were presented with individual messages in a bottle containing letters from members in Queensland and Northern Territory, offering wisdom, support and a warm welcome to the profession.

Murdoch University

The end of year MoveIt Student Ball took place on 21 November 2020, at Beaumonde on the Point in East Perth.

The ACA congratulates Dr Ash Jones who was the winner of the ACA Student Choice award for 2020.

Members of the ACA Western Regional Committee were there to support and celebrate the Murdoch students’ achievements. The event was well attended and enjoyed by all.

ACA is proud to continue supporting Murdoch University’s Chiropractic students. We hope all the students have a successful and fulfilling career.

RMIT & Macquarie Universities

Unfortunately RMIT and Macquarie Universities were unable to hold their events to celebrate their 2020 Graduates. However, we have been told they are looking to host events as they are able. A combined event for 2019 and 2020 Macquarie Graduates is being planned for later this year.

We look forward to joining both cohorts to celebrate their achievements and will report on these events as and when they happen.

Welcome to the Profession

To our new graduates, whether we have had a chance to acknowledge your graduation in person or not, we celebrate your graduation and extend our congratulations to each one of you. We warmly welcome you to this wonderful profession and feel privileged to be part of your chiropractic journey.

All the very best as you embark on the first stages of your chiropractic career!

For a full list of the class of 2020, click here.