27 December 2019

Make your Spinal Health your New Year’s Resolution

With Christmas celebrations wrapping up, and preparation for the new decade underway, many of us will begin to adopt (or at least try and commit to) our New Year’s resolutions.

Whether you’re going to try to read more books or sign up for a gym membership, why not add positive spinal health habits to your goals for 2020.

Making a commitment to implementing positive spinal health habits into your everyday routine may sound like a lot of work, so here are some practical and easy suggestions to start building these habits come January 2020.


Brisk walking is a great way to improve your spinal health and overall wellbeing. Walking can help increasing your heart and lung fitness, muscle strength and endurance and contributes to a naturally upright posture.

Set the goal next year of trying to walk for 30 minutes a day or at least try and hit 10,000 steps daily. As the year progresses, try and increase this number as your walking improves. Walking is also a great way to socialise with friends and enjoy the great outdoors, while exploring new walking trails near you.

The Just Start Walking app, developed by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA), is a great tool for mapping and tracking your walks, as well as setting reminders and lets you share your walks on social media. Available from the App Store and Google Play, make 2020 the year you get out and active.


Stretching and performing spinal exercises can help you improve your spinal health and the way your body functions. These exercises can also help improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups and enhance health.

The exercise program in the ACA’s Straighten Up app is designed for people of all ages and can be completed anytime, anywhere. The exercise program only takes a few minutes to complete, so can easily be added to your everyday routine.

Along with the comprehensive exercise program, the app also features the ability to set notifications about sitting right, stretching, drinking water and improving posture, as well as an augmented reality feature (in conjunction with the Straighten Up postcards) and the ACA Find a Chiropractor search engine. Straighten Up Australia app is also available from the App Store and Google Play.

Ergonomic practises

It’s important that your environment supports your spinal health and wellbeing. That’s why adopting ergonomic practices in your workplace, especially if you work in an office setting is important for helping to improve your spinal health. A few helpful tips for the office workers out there is to avoid slouching at your desk, by sitting back in your chair, with both feet flat on the floor and ensuring your back is support by your seat.

Try and take a break from sitting every 30 minutes, by getting up and walking to the bathroom or at least around the office. If you have a height adjustable desk, try alternating frequently between standing and sitting. If your workplace doesn’t offer this, it might be a good idea to suggest it.

It might also be a good idea to keep the mouse and telephone within easy reach, so you don’t have to stretch to reach them, and adjust your computer screen so that your neck is in a neutral position.

Spinal care

Your local ACA chiropractor can also provide advice and assistance on implementing positive spinal health habits into your everyday routine this New Year. They can also assess any existing spinal pain or discomfort. Consider a chiropractor as part of your 2020 New Year’s resolutions.

To find your local ACA chiropractor visit findachiro.org.au