25 May 2022

Is Bad Sleep Posture Slowing you Down?

A good night’s sleep is essential for good health and overall wellbeing. However, is poor sleeping posture slowing you down? A healthy and supported neck can be greatly impacted by a poor night’s sleep. From old mattresses to incorrect sleeping positions, bad posture and inadequate sleep hygiene can all place unnecessary strain on your neck – making it sore and stiff the next morning.

According to the Sleep Foundation, 33% of your life is spent sleeping,1 so the way you sleep should help, not hinder, your spinal health. Sleeping in awkward positions can cause back and neck pain, along with fatigue, muscle cramping and other health issues.

If you are hindered by pain from poor sleep, and neck pain is slowing you down, then consider chiropractic care. Following a thorough evaluation, your ACA chiropractor can provide advice on better sleeping positions, postural exercises, supportive mattresses, and ergonomic pillows to ensure you sleep well and your neck doesn’t suffer.

Regular visits to your chiropractor can also aid with sleep hygiene by easing muscle tension that causes restlessness, stimulating circulation and blood flow, as well as improving central nervous system function.
Chiropractors work in partnership with you to provide appropriate, tailored care as well as lifestyle advice to prevent reoccurrence.

If you want to maintain a healthy neck and incorporate positive health habits into your everyday, Consider a Chiro today. To find your local ACA chiropractor visit findachiro.org.au

Spinal Health Week is the ACA’s flagship campaign, taking place this year on 23-29 May 2022! This year, the ACA is raising awareness of the causes and negative effects of neck pain, with the 2022 theme
‘Sore Neck? Consider a Chiro’. For more information on Spinal Health Week 2022 visit spinalhealthweek.org.au


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