31 August 2020

Spinal Health Week Wrap Up

After a couple of false starts, Spinal Health Week 2020 served as the public launch of ‘Consider a Chiro’ – our much anticipated three to five year public engagement campaign.

In total, the media impressions for Spinal Health Week 2020 was an astounding 18 million. Most notably, ACA Vice President Dr John de Voy appeared in segments on both Sunrise and 7News Sydney, syndicated in local 7News programs across the country.

Each year the ACA launches Spinal Health Week with an online video and this year’s animated video highlighted how people have looked after pain over time, in a humorous and informative way. The video resonated with the public, achieving over 600,000 views across the week.

ACA’s social media posts were seen 1.5 million times during the week. The call to action for posts was to visit considerachiro.org.au and we had over 4,000 clicks through to our website, with over 200 searching for their local ACA chiropractor.

A brief summary of campaign highlights is provided in the video below. Full coverage of the campaign’s success will be included in the upcoming September edition of The Australian Chiropractor.

The success of Spinal Health Week is a testament to the collective efforts put in by so many members across Australia. A big thank you and congratulations to everyone who contributed. The next phase of Consider a Chiro will be World Spine Day 2020, celebrated on 16 October with the theme ‘Back on Track’.