16 August 2019

‘Sleep On It’ with ACA’s new health initiative

In conjunction with ACA’s new ‘Sleep On It’ health initiative campaign, we are excited to announce the launch of the latest Straighten Up app augmented reality (AR) experience on sleep. This engaging and informative experience utilises AR to bring the sleeping character to life. Not only does this highlight both poor and correct sleeping positions but users can switch to an x-ray view and see how the spine is positioned for both in a 3D view.

On average, humans spend 33 percent of their lives sleeping, according to National Centre on Sleep Disorders Research. However, as chiropractors know well, sleeping in awkward positions, along with the wrong mattress, can negatively impact spinal health and why Australians need to be made aware of the importance of correct sleeping.

We have also refreshed the existing AR cards for backpacks, office posture, gardening and mobile device use. These cards utilise our new branding and provide a full suite of AR cards to display in your practice. ACA members can order the AR cards, including the new sleeping experience, on the ACA eShop.

To enjoy this augmented reality experience through the Straighten Up app, simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once in the app, scan the AR card and see the character appear before your eyes.

ACA and SleepMaker have also recently relaunched the ACA Endorsed SleepMaker Chiropractic Collection. For many years, ACA has partnered with SleepMaker to develop mattresses that benefit the Australian public. These mattresses are manufactured by SleepMaker and are sold exclusively through Sleepy’s stores.

The unveiling of the new mattress took place at the Sleepy’s Conference in August and marks the start of Sleepy’s stores across the country selling the first SleepMaker mattresses bearing the new ACA branding and endorsed logo. The SleepMaker Chiropractic Collection has been tested for relaxation and postural alignment, so each mattress supports the spine while sleeping. These mattresses take into account the natural curve of the spine and aim to work with the hips and shoulders.

With these newly developed tools and resources, ACA chiropractors can continue to raise awareness of the importance of correct sleeping positions and spine supportive mattresses.

Visit the new ‘Sleep On It’ campaign on the health initiatives page of the ACA website and download the Straighten Up app to experience the AR characters.