9 September 2019

Learning Posture Rehab with Dr Steven Weiniger

Dr Steven Weiniger* has been a chiropractor for nearly 40 years, and through these years has developed a number of educational programs for both chiropractors and the public and is now bringing his Posture, Balance and Motion seminar to Australia.

Founder of BodyZone.com and PosturePractice.com, Dr Weiniger has taught his StrongPosture® rehab protocols since 2004. He began incorporating rehab into his own practice in order to give his patients the ability to care for themselves and retrain their bodies how to move and behave.

“It’s about making the patient the hero of their own healthcare journey. I can adjust a patient and they can feel great in that moment, but if I don’t teach them how to retrain the way they hold themselves and their posture, they are just going to keep coming back with the same problem,” said Dr Weiniger.

Dr Weiniger believes that as a practitioner implementing posture rehab and training patients to move better, your reach within the community will be far more extensive and is a gateway to attracting new patients who are suffering posture problems.

“People don’t think about posture until you talk about it in a way that’s they can understand and relate to it. Telling someone to just stand up straighter won’t work. You need to engage and empower them.”

Chiropractors who attend the Posture Balance and Motion seminar will be given a practical, step-by-step protocol that they can implement into practice on Monday. Incorporating the rehab protocols into your care for patients will not only make patients aware of the need to strengthen posture, but give them the tools to do so.

“What they’ll come away with is a framework and having an understanding of how to incorporate posture into practice on a rehab point of view in a very organised way, rather than ‘here is a whole bunch of exercises,’ and leaving them to figure it out which one to do next.”

The weekend seminar will not only see attendees learn a complete program to incorporate posture rehab and treat injury or chronic pain, but promote sports performance, wellness and active ageing. Dr Weiniger is also encouraging principal chiropractors to bring along their CAs, so they too can learn the rehab protocols and assist in applying these exercises to patients in their clinic.

As Dr Weiniger believes chiropractors should be the professionals dealing with posture and helping people improve their posture, chiropractors who want to enhance their stance as posture practitioners should consider attending this hands-on seminar.

“If chiropractors want to build a bigger practice and help more people strengthen their posture, then they should definitely come along to the seminar and see for themselves the impact of posture rehab. That’s the goal of chiropractic to help people move well, be well and feel well.”

The Posture, Balance and Motion tour will be traveling to Sydney, Adelaide and the Gold Coast this November. For more information and to register for this ‘practice changing’ seminar, visit chiro.org.au/posture-tour.

*Registered overseas.