10 September 2020

R U OK?Day 2020

Today, Thursday 10 September 2020 is R U OK?Day. Held every second Thursday in September, R U OK?Day is a national day of action when Australians are reminded that every day is the day to ask ‘are you okay?’ if someone you know is struggling with life’s ups and downs.

Whether it’s patients or colleagues, friends or family, chances are that you will know people battling a mental illness. While sometimes mental illnesses are noticeable and people feel comfortable talking about it, there are many who go unnoticed and suffer in silence.

As 2020 has been a challenging year for all, with circumstances highlighting the importance of staying connected to each other more than ever before, this year’s R U OK?DAY message is ‘There’s more to say after R U OK?’

By understanding how to continue a conversation when someone says they are not ok, you can help them feel supported and get access to appropriate care. By following the four steps of ‘Ask, Listen, Encourage Action and Check in’ when you feel someone is not quite themselves, can go a long way in helping those around you who may be going through a tough time.


The R U OK organisation provides a number of helpful resources to utilise throughout the year, including information on how to continue on a conversation after you ask “are you ok?” Find these at ruok.org.au

ACA HR Service
The ACA HR Service offers support and resources to help you create a mentally healthy practice. If you need assistance supporting a staff member with their mental health or are looking for resources to ensure employees are supported, visit members.chiro.org.au/hrservice

Mental Health First Aid
ACA members are invited to learn and become equipped through a Mental Health First Aid course. These courses are evidence-based and go through a rigorous process of constant evaluation. For more information on the Mental Health First Aid courses visit click here.