Sleep On It

Sleep On It

According to the National Centre on Sleep, humans spend 33% of their lives sleeping, which is an important time for your body to regenerate and heal. However, many Australians do not sleep with their spine in mind.

Poor and awkward sleeping positions can cause neck and lower back pain as well as fatigue and muscle cramps, the National Sleep Foundation has noted. The wrong mattress can also have a negative impact on your spinal health and quality of sleep.

As such a large portion of our lives are spent in bed, it’s vital to maintain sleeping positions that support your spine throughout the night.

Incorrect sleeping position

Sleeping on your stomach will eventually create problems with your spine and is not a recommended sleeping position. It puts unnecessary pressure on your neck due to twisting your head and the straining of your lower back. It can also cause pressure on your chest.

Correct sleeping position

Sleeping on your side is a better position for sleeping. Try lying with your lower leg fairly straight and bend your upper leg or try placing a pillow between your knees and bending both your knees and hips slightly to position your pillow. This will reduce pressure placed on the spine and provide alignment.

Sleeping on your back is also a good sleeping position. For extra support, place a pillow under your knees to keep to the natural curve of your spine and reduce strain on your lower back. It is also important to ensure your head pillow is the correct height to reduce strain on the curves of your neck.

Get the tools to sleep right

Straighten Up app

Sleeping card

To help learn the best sleeping positions, ACA’s Straighten Up app now has an augmented reality experience on sleep, which allows you to see a character come to life in the palm of your hands. This engaging and informative experience highlights both poor and correct sleeping positions
with an x-ray view option and 3D display.

ACA Endorsed Mattress

ACA endorsed mattresses are manufactured by SleepMaker and are sold exclusively through Sleepy’s stores. The SleepMaker Chiropractic Collection has been tested for relaxation and postural alignment, so each mattress supports the spine while sleeping.

Visit an ACA Chiropractor

An ACA chiropractor can provide you with the Straighten Up app card to enjoy the augmented reality experience and a referral to your local Sleepy’s store. More importantly, they can provide you with advice and assistance on maintaining your spinal health at night and throughout the day. Find your local ACA chiropractor at