World Spine Day

World Spine Day

What is World Spine Day?

Each year World Spine Day (WSD) is observed on 16 October to encourage good spinal health habits.

WSD is organised by the World Federation of Chiropractic, of which the ACA is the Australian member, on behalf of the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health. Over 500 official organisations worldwide support this initiative each year.

WSD brings people together from all walks of life – patients, health providers, healthcare organisations, associations and governments – to help ease the global burden of spinal disorders.

Get Spine Active

The 2019 theme is ‘Get Spine Active,’ which aims to highlight the importance of physical activity, movement and exercise for maintaining spinal health.

Whether it’s going to the gym, jogging, swimming or walking, physical activity can help manage back and neck pain as well as help maintain your overall health and wellbeing.

Being active can take many forms as well. Getting spine active can range from taking regular breaks to completing the Straighten Up exercises everyday or going for a walk at lunch using the Just Start Walking app.

The year especially aims to encourage everyone, no matter age or ability, to find ways to get spine active. It is simply about forming good, healthy habits that can be implemented everyday.

Ways to Get Spine Active

Running – Although cardio activities like running are important for heart health and fitness, they can also help improve your spinal health. Activities like running and fast walking may actually strengthen your spine through an increase in spinal fluid resulting in healthier spines.

Weightlifting – Lifting weights is great for anyone trying to maintain a healthy spine and lifestyle. Weightlifting can tone your muscles and boost metabolism, as well as help improve posture and stabilise your spine. Ensure you learn the correct techniques by seeking the help of a professional.

Swimming – Not only does swimming help build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness but is also a low impact sport. If you are keen to give swimming a go, commit to three times a week for 30 minutes per workout and work your way up to longer sessions in the pool.

Cycling – As another low impact sport, cycling can help improve posture and flexibility and is an aerobic activity, meaning your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. Plus it’s a great way to commute, enjoying the great outdoors and exploring new trails and paths.

Tennis – Tennis is a great sport for people of all ages and abilities. Containing immense benefits to your health by simply moving and increasing your heart rate, the social aspect of the sport is enough to get you hitting the court and spending time with friends.

Walking – Walking just 30 minutes everyday can help improve circulation, mobility, core strength and even boosts energy levels. If you need a little extra help tracking your walking progress, download the Just Start Walking app to set reminders and map your walk!

Stretching – Ensuring you are stretching correctly may help with the maintenance of your spinal health. A 3-minute spinal health program on the Straighten Up app is designed to improve spinal health, stabilise core muscle groups and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Find a Chiropractor

Your local ACA chiropractor is able to provide advice and assistance on how to incorporate spine active activities into your everyday life. Find an ACA chiropractor near you at and get spine active today!