Workspace Week

22-28 August


Work from anywhere

About Workspace Week

After several lockdowns from COVID-19 and two years spent working from home – working in hybrid settings such as a combination of working from home and in the office has certainly become the norm. Never in the history of modern work, have working professionals had the opportunity to have such a fluid opportunity to work anywhere from cafes, parks, and libraries to the beach or even on holidays.

The Australian government announced back in August 2021 that up to two-thirds of Australians are now working from home. However, a study also completed by Australian Unions found that a staggering 42% of Australians working from home do not have a suitable workstation or even the correct equipment when working from home . This means although Australians are working more fluidly, with a better work-life balance, almost half are working in settings that are not set up properly, posing potentially serious health risks.

With this is mind the Australian Chiropractors Association decided to launch a new public health campaign and health initiative, ‘Workspace Week’. Workspace Week will be held in August this year (22 – 28 August) and will be an initiative that both reinforces and reminds Australians about the importance of ergonomic considerations for setting up a workspace at home or any other location – allowing the chiropractic profession to not only demonstrate a leading role in this area but promote the importance of positive musculoskeletal health in our communities.

Workspace Week will encourage Australians to not only create ergonomic and safe work environments – but to also foster positive spinal health habits in the process.

Watch this space as more information will be coming soon**