Dr Katelyn McGregor

Session Title 1

Clinical considerations for the pregnant patient: Managing risk, red flags & referral in everyday practice

Session Outline

• The Modern mother: understanding risk factors & realities of today’s mums.
• Red Flags: Identification of red flags in the pregnant patient – History taking.
• Red Flags: Identification of red flags in the pregnant patient – Examination priorities.
• Red Flags: Common Red Flags in the pregnant patient across the trimesters.
• Yellow Flags: Psychological and Psychosocial factors in the pregnant patient.
• Collaboration priorities and realities in the maternity and post-natal sector.

Learning Outcomes

• Identification of red flags and contraindications that may present uniquely in the pregnant patient in a Chiropractic practice.
• Enhance rapid and appropriate collaborative response and management of red and yellow flags in practice.
• Consider the evidence of increasing risk in the pregnant mothers that present to our chiropractic practice and develop strategies to meet this dynamic evidence base.

Session Title 2

Clinical Considerations for the pregnant Patient: Managing Care Across the 4 Trimesters

Session Outline

• Review the musculoskeletal and neurological changes in the pregnant patient across the trimesters and post-natal period.
• Explore observation and expected changes to posture, gait, tone, orthopaedic and biomechanical considerations, neurochemistry and other chiropractic examination findings across the trimesters.
• Discuss important ergonomic care, exercise prescription and lifestyle advice unique to the pregnant and early post-natal patient to compliment your chiropractic management.

Learning Outcomes

• Develop understanding and skills to adapt our chiropractic care (both active and passive) to the evolving needs of the pregnant woman across the trimesters.
• Enhance our examination and observation skills in working with the changing physiology of the pregnant patient across the trimesters.

Session Title 3

Clinical Considerations for the Pregnant Patient: Assessment, Adjusting & Advice

Session Outline

• Working with pain in the pregnant patient. Understanding the sensitive communication responsibilities for common presentations.
• Common conditions/ presentations in the pregnant and post-natal patient
With case presentation type delivery of active, passive and collaborative management priorities.
• Adjusting/ Technique considerations for each case.
Will include patient placement, table and safety considerations where possible.

Session Outcomes

• Develop understanding of the importance of sensitive and appropriate management when working with pain in the pregnant patient.
• Explore common conditions chiropractors will see in practice and management strategies for different presentations.
• Review safety and best practice realities to effectively adjust and offer treatment/care to pregnant mothers across the later parts of pregnancy and the early post- natal period.


Katelyn McGregor is a 2005 RMIT graduate and her practice in Geelong, Victoria, is a leader in the care of woman as they navigate pregnancy, birth and the post-natal journey.

With decades of learning and experience as a birth educator, professional birth support and chiropractor, Katelyn brings a wealth of experience in the care of the pregnant patient.

Katelyn has delivered professional development collaboratively to midwives, birth and paediatric professionals across a range of hospital and community settings including Barwon Health midwifery, paediatric and maternal and child health nurses, The Australian College of Midwives, ALCA and Homebirth Australia and has presented extensively to Chiropractors about care of the pregnant patient and her unique collaborative experience working alongside a private midwifery team as a Chiropractor at The Birth House in Geelong, Victoria.