12 January 2021

Introducing ACA Preferred

In line with our values we are committed to partner with brands that have an ongoing alignment with ACA programs and priorities, as well as support our mission and key objectives while bringing the best value to members.

We have carefully analysed the existing partnerships that ACA has built over the years, and the industries in which we can build additional value to the membership and their patients. We have identified a number of areas in which we will focus our efforts to build advantageous partnerships to fill the gaps and provide chiropractors with a trusted source of providers to choose their products and services from.

We are delighted to announce a new segment to the ACA’s Partnership structure. The ‘ACA Preferred partnership segment as the title states will be dedicated to brands the ACA trusts and recommends to supply the best quality products and services as well as exclusive customer care.

Evidently, as part of these agreements and continuous relationships, we will negotiate the best discounts, special offers and dedicated customer care only available to ACA members, providing them with the additional value for membership.

We believe this new partnership segment will be an invaluable addition to the Association’s commercial framework and will facilitate the sourcing of diverse products and services needed by chiropractors across Australia. Partnering brands will not only be for chiropractors but can also be a trusted provider to be shared with patients for their wellbeing and health.

Our ACA Preferred partnerships will offer our members a range of exclusive benefits such as discounted prices, promotions, dedicated customer support to our members and more.

We are excited to share with you these new products and services and will keep members updated on the developments of ACA Preferred partnerships.