Erica Smith

Session Title:

The Synergy of Nutritional Medicine and Chiropractic Care

Session Outline

In this session delegates will learn how evidence based Nutritional Medicine solutions and Chiropractic care can combine to address many common mood, stress, and hormonal conditions. The synergy of these approaches can enhance symptom reduction, provide additional support in between patient visits, and provide molecular support to promote healing and resolution.

In this comprehensive presentation, Erica Smith and Dr Andrea Huddleston will share with you the latest scientific insights, along with clinical strategies and case studies, so you can feel confident in prescribing the most effective Nutritional medicine solutions in your practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about nutrient and herbal interventions for the most common mood, stress and hormonal conditions;
  • Understand how to safely co-prescribe herbs and nutrients alongside common medications;
  • Explore how the combination of chiropractic care and nutritional medicine can enhance patient outcomes;
  • Receive exclusive resources to help simplify clinical decision making, for safe and effective prescribing.


Erica Smith, BHSc (CompMed), AdvDipNat, AdvDipHerbMed, joins us from the Metagenics Clinical Education Team. Being involved in the development of evidence-based and clinically relevant education keeps her inspired to share the latest scientific research in natural therapies.

As a popular presenter for Metagenics, she travels extensively supporting healthcare professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand. With a particular interest in women’s health, pain management, and mental health, Erica will demonstrate clinical strategies to extend therapeutic support between appointments, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction and clinical success.