Dr Jeffrey Hannah

Session Title:

Craniocervical Neurokinematics

Session Outline

Dr Hannah will discuss how the alignment and movement of those two little bones in the upper part of the neck affect brain-body function and health on a global scale. He is going to present a few ideas that will challenge you. And while you will probably have more questions at the end of his presentation, he believes that this is a good thing, for it is when you open your mind to new possibilities for just a short while beyond your comfort zone, that when you come back to WHERE you are now, WHO you are will be different.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes from this session will provide:

  • a better understanding of how atlas-axis biomechanics affect neurology and brain function;
  • a healthy respect for the upper neck so that you can know when-and-how to adjust it confidently, but also so that you can know how to BE SPECIFIC and when to keep your hands off;
  • a sense of overwhelm and unease.


Dr Jeffrey Hannah is a Blair upper cervical chiropractor based in the Brisbane area. He is a 2007 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and has written a book titled The Doctors Who Give No Medicine, which is not an Amazon bestseller but is nevertheless a highly recommended read.

Dr Hannah is an advanced certified instructor for the Blair upper cervical technique and is a previous recipient of the Blair Chiropractor of the Year award.

He has produced ‘The Box of Secrets’, a 12- part webinar series on the philosophy, principles and history of chiropractic in Australia; and “The Lost Art” a 9-part webinar series on chiropractic thermology, patterning and clinical decision making.

Jeffrey is also deep amid a never-ending project of writing a textbook for the Blair Technique that he really hopes will be finished in 2025.