Dr Brett Lillie

Session Title

The Cat Amongst the Pigeons

Session Outline

In this session Dr Lillie will challenge you to think differently at how chiropractic can approach the concept and treatment of the cervical spine, with its structural anatomical basis being only one piece of a complex puzzle that sees the TMJ and sleep take centre stage.

Learning Outcomes

You’ll learn about the role the cervical spine plays in neural complexity, facial development, the way we breathe, bite and swallow and start questioning the correlation between spine hygiene and airway functions, including sleep apnoea. Looking at the cervical spine from an even bigger approach, he’ll then dive further into the theory behind sleep and how its key elements can disrupt our ability to stay in sync with our environment.


Dr Brett Lillie is a sleep enthusiast, a seasoned pain stalker and an avid solution seeker. His passion is knowledge and his heartfelt desire to help people find answers where there seem to be none has driven him to never stop learning, never stop chasing.

Beginning in science, a zoology degree grew into a Chiropractic Master (class of ’97) and post-grads in Paediatrics and skeletal medicine. His quest for knowledge saw him roam the corridors of a renowned Prague rehab hospital for years, travel to Italy to explore laser therapy and attend countless international dentistry conferences. Learning from some of the greatest thinkers in complex pain, Dr Lillie has developed a unique understanding of pain and mastered ways to treat chronicity.

Over 20 years spent in practice untangling difficult cases and his very own personal health battles have contributed to challenge Dr Lillie and push him to be (and do) more. It is no surprise he’s currently working on a 10 step process to help people in their mid years rediscover the importance and joy of moving, giving them tools to leap with confidence into the PM of their life.

Dr Lillie has recently moved to Tasmania with his family and has himself rediscovered one of his first loves – trail running. When not wrangling kids or chopping firewood, you can find him catching a sunrise from one of Hobart’s hills, taking in the views and a new lease on life.