Dr Andrea Huddleston

Session Title 1

Men vs Women! Understanding the female patient: including physiology, hormones, neurology and why it matters!

Learning Objectives

• Understanding the chiropractors role in women’s health
• Understand the physiological, hormonal and neurological differences between men and women and why it matters
• Understand basic principles when working with women
• Understand female reproductive anatomy and its chiropractic relevance
• Outline and understand how men and women respond to pain differently

Session Title 2

Reproductive physiology and different types of period pain; why it’s chiropractically relevant.

Learning Objectives

• Understand female reproductive physiology and its chiropractic relevance
• Define and understand different uterine positions
• Understand the different types of period pain
• Outline ovarian hormones and their actions
• Understand the role of oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone in the female menstrual cycle
• Understand the intricacies of the menstrual cycle

Session Title 3

Hormonal dilemmas and transitions: Common conditions you’ll see in practice and transitions through each life stage. What you need to know!

Learning Objectives

• Discuss factors that influence hormonal changes throughout the reproductive years
• Define endometriosis, its pathophysiology, understand relevant testing and how you can support these patients
• Define PCOS, its pathophysiology, understand relevant testing and how you can support these patients


Dr Andrea Huddleston is a women’s health, natural fertility specialist and integrative chiropractor practising in Perth, Australia.  She is the co-host of the award winning
podcast Wellness Women Radio and is affectionately referred to as ‘the period whisperer’ by her patients!

In addition to her chiropractic degrees, Dr Huddleston holds two post-graduate, masters degrees in Women’s Health Medicine and Reproductive Medicine. She is also trained in nutritional and functional medicine.

Andrea is a global leader in women’s health as well as an educator and sought after presenter.