Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The ACA Code of Ethics outlines the behaviours and conduct that sets a member of the Association apart from others and is the benchmark against which the actions of the profession and its individual members can be measured. It expresses the willingness of the members of the profession to be judged by their peers and by society through the quality of service they provide. The code seeks to define those fundamental principles by which Association members should conduct themselves in the practice of their profession.

It is a living document and one which should accommodate changes in laws, community attitudes, scope of practice and professional competence.

Ethical Principle

ACA stands for ethical, professional and compassionate chiropractic care.

Code of Ethics Principles

  1. ACA members must comply with and have a full understanding of the laws and regulations governing the practice of chiropractic in Australia.
  2. ACA members should always respect the rights, needs, confidentiality and dignity of all individuals.
  3. ACA members strive for standards of excellence and competency in chiropractic.
  4. ACA members communicate and co-operate with colleagues, other healthcare professionals and relevant third parties in the best interest of their patients and the wider community.
  5. ACA members shall act in a manner which maintains and builds on the professional standing of chiropractic in Australia.
  6. ACA members strive to contribute to the development of the profession and are encouraged to contribute to outreach programs and anything that enhances the status of chiropractic within the community and promotes social justice.