13 November 2019

Chiropractor of the Year 2019

Dr Genevieve Keating is the 2019 recipient of the inaugural John A Sweaney AM Chiropractor of the Year Award, who over her 37 years in the profession has been dedicated to the improvement of chiropractic, especially chiropractic care for children and families.

After becoming a chiropractic patient at age 12, after suffering a head injury, Dr Keating found herself interested in chiropractic care and the profession as a whole.

“I always knew I wanted to help people, but I didn’t want to be a nurse or teacher. So living in Bendigo at age 14 I asked to do work experience with chiropractors Drs Mark Postles and David Lovett to find out what it was about chiropractic that was interesting and exciting to me, it was from then that I knew what I wanted to do,” Dr Keating said.

At the age of 17, Dr Keating began her studies at RMIT University. After completing her chiropractic degree, she worked in NSW and then in Bendigo. She then worked in London before coming back to Australia, setting up a practice on the Sunshine Coast with Dr Postles. After Dr Keating’s daughter Bronte was born, she moved back to Melbourne and set up a practice in Hawthorn for her daughter to be closer to family.

“As a young graduate in Bendigo I received great mentoring and this was a really important part of my journey. It’s important to me that new graduates get help and support because those early years are a vulnerable time and critical in shaping who they become as professionals.”

On top of her work in practice and running a clinic, Dr Keating is also very passionate about the continuing education of chiropractors. Teaching for SOTO for many years, she also taught the Functional Neurology program in the Carrick Institute in Australia for five years. She herself completed the Carrick program in 2002. Dr Keating is also the director of Inspiral Resources, teaching the course with her sister Dr Rose Keating, as well as teaching a two year, 400 hour neurodevelopmental chiropractic program.

“I realised if I was going to give my all to the profession, I had to help that continuation of learning pathways in Australia and I felt a sense of obligation to do that. It was a steep learning curve and it was hard work, but I loved it and it gave me a really good grounding in some areas of work that I needed to develop further in.”

As a leader in the field of paediatric chiropractic care and currently completing a PhD in early childhood development, Dr Keating was asked to participate in the Safer Care Victoria (SCV) Review Panel. Representing the chiropractic profession, Dr Keating brought her knowledge and experience in the field to the panel.

Dr Keating’s efforts and contributions have not been made for the goal of recognition but stem from a deep passion in wanting to advance the profession, leading her colleagues to nominate her for the prestigious award.

“One never thinks about getting an award like this and it’s deeply touching to be acknowledged by my peers. You work and you contribute because you can without thinking of being thanked for it. I would like to say thank you to the people that nominated me and the thought of people taking the time to acknowledge my contributions is very special.”

On top of receiving the Chiropractor of the Year Award, other highlights for Dr Keating over her career have been completing the functional neurology program through the Carrick Institute and teaching the program as well. She is also a life member of SOTO Australasia, proud of the achievement in being able to teach so many within the profession.

Congratulations once again to Dr Keating for receiving this prestigious award as she continues to make an impactful contribution to the profession and Association.