Assoc Prof Peter Tuchin

Session Title:

Cervicogenic Migraine- Does it exist?

Session Outline

Migraine is a common, complex and costly condition, with many sufferers having chronic problems. Neck pain has been implicated in migraine pathogenesis, but its exact role in the pathophysiology of migraine or any subsequent treatment is unclear. This presentation will review the literature on chiropractic care and manual therapy as a treatment for migraine.


Assoc Prof Peter Tuchin retired from Macquarie University after 27. His areas of interest and research include the relationship of posture with neck pain, headaches and migraine, chronic pain syndromes, and the relationship of vertebral artery dissection stroke with chiropractic.

Peter was also President of the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australia (COCA), and has been on the COCA Executive for over 20 years. In addition, he has worked at WorkCover NSW as a Team Leader and was employed as a National OHS Manager.

Dr Tuchin has over 60 papers accepted for international scientific journals, and received several international research awards. Peter conducted one of the largest randomized controlled trials on chiropractic for migraine to date, and recently completed a systematic literature review on manual therapy for migraine.

He has had a long connection with Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury (LLH2H). Initially through his late wife Tessa Marshall and the Gala Ball Committee, and from 2017 as a member of the board. Peter is also a telephone crisis supporter, answering calls on the 13 11 14 crisis line and is currently chair of the Services Committee. He has given hundreds of conference or keynote presentations, and has also given many more talks for community groups such as Rotary, Probus and VIEW clubs