15 January 2020

All About SpineWeek 2020

SpineWeek is a large week-long multinational conference for health-professional societies whose work focuses on disorders of the spine. A joint venture between the ACA and Chiropractic Australia (CA) will see Australian chiropractors participating as one of 23 societies.

Every four years, leading scholarly spine societies hold their annual conference in one location under the SpineWeek moniker, bringing together clinicians and researchers from around the world and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. This year the week will be held in Melbourne, from 27 April to 1 May and will feature prominent societies including the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine (ISSLS), the North American Spine Society (NASS) and the Brasilian Spine Society.

The Australian Chiropractors stream at SpineWeek 2020 is a joint, professional society meeting that will showcase leading-edge scholarships and research from the Asia-Pacific region. During 2019, ACA and CA worked closely together to produce their SpineWeek program entitled ‘Frontiers in Conservative Spine Care.’ The program will emphasise the important work done by conservative spine professionals in caring for people with burdensome spinal disorders.

This event, which provides a tremendous opportunity for chiropractors, both in Australia and worldwide, is the first time an allied health profession has participated as a scientific society at this prestigious conference. This event is also a significant step for Australian chiropractic associations as they embark on a united leadership initiative. SpineWeek 2020 will provide members and non-members with a platform to network with spine professionals and relevant MedTech industry supporters.

The Chiropractic program at SpineWeek 2020 has sessions dedicated to best practice, sports and physical activity, paediatrics, geriatrics, patient management, biomechanics, knowledge translation, and research.

This program will be delivered by world-leading chiropractors (Professors Simon French, Greg Kawchuk, Jan Hartvigsen and Michael Schneider), international experts (Professors Rachelle Buchbinder, Manuela Ferreira, Chris Maher, Jon Adams, Nik Bogduk and Jiří Dvořák), CARL Fellows (Drs Hazel Jenkins, Diana De Carvalho, Matt Fernandez, Katie Pohlman, Mike Swain, Andreas Eklund, Martha Funabashi, Katie de Luca, Aron Downie and Arnold Wong) and local/international industry thought-leaders (Drs Anthony Coxon, Mel Wassell and Chris Colloca). The Scientific Symposium has high-profile local and international researchers and sessions will be moderated by esteemed chiropractors.

This unprecedented event is not to be missed. For those registering as delegates of ACA or CA, a special cocktail reception will be included to celebrate the joint success of these two organisations.

The Australian Chiropractors stream will commence on 30 April, but it is important to remember that registration to SpineWeek 2020 enables delegates to participate in all society meetings throughout the week. A preliminary program will be available from 1 February.

For more information and to secure your early bird discount by 15 February visit spineweek.org