25 September 2019

AICE Now Accepting Applications

The ACA is excited to announce that the Australasian Institute of Chiropractic Education (AICE) is now accepting membership applications.

AICE, an initiative of the ACA and supported by Guild Insurance, has been established to promote clinical competency and knowledge transfer through credentialed advanced learning pathways.

AICE supports members and the profession by improving chiropractors’ skills and knowledge, facilitating research and developing policy and guidelines.

The AICE framework will provide credentials that will be recognised within the chiropractic profession as well as by other health professions and the public.

Membership Levels

AICE has three membership levels; Trainee, Member and Fellow.

Trainee – entry level
Chiropractors who wish to join as a Trainee need to have a minimum two years clinical practice experience, where they spend significant time caring for patients that fall within the interest group area.

Member (MAICE)
Members must have a minimum of five years of clinical experience where they spend significant time caring for patients that fall within the relevant interest area. For those wishing to become a Member under the Sports and Exercise CPG category, applicants must have completed a FICS education program on top of their required qualifications.

Fellow (FAICE)
To be a Fellow of AICE means you must have attained the highest level of knowledge and competence in your given area of interest.

Sports and Exercise CPG

The Sports and Exercise Clinical Practice Group (CPG) are now accepting applications for Trainees, Members and Fellows.

Sports and Exercise chiropractic is a specialised subset of chiropractic that focuses on the comprehensive and holistic healthcare of the physically active individual or athlete, to prevent injury, restore optimal function and contribute to the enhancement of sports performance.

The Neuroscience, Paediatrics and Pain CPGs will be introduced in 2020 and all ACA clinical interest groups will be transitioned into AICE clinical practice groups from 1 July 2020.

Join Now

If you are interested in joining the AICE Sports and Exercise CPG please complete the application form.

For more information on AICE visit aice.org.au or contact [email protected] if you have any questions.