TAC Advertising Policy

TAC Advertising Policy

The Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) has the right to refuse any advertising in The Australian Chiropractor (TAC) for any reason, including advertising previously published in TAC, without any obligation to give reason.

The following list can be used as a guide by potential advertisers, but is not a definitive list:

  • Advertising must not have a negative impact on the ACA brand or assets.
  • Advertising must not be deceptive or misleading in nature.
  • Advertising must not state or suggest an endorsement arrangement with ACA unless a formal endorsement arrangement is in place.
  • Advertorials will not be accepted and advertising artwork must not be presented to look like editorial.
  • Advertising must not have the potential to negatively impact on TAC’s ability to generate income. Products/services with the potential to compete for advertising revenue will not be published.
  • Advertising must be consistent with the professional nature of ACA.

Opinions or other material (including advertising) expressed within this publication are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of ACA nor the policy of the Association, unless otherwise stated. Acceptance of advertising material in no way implies that it has the endorsement of ACA or the Editor of The Australian Chiropractor. The ACA is under no obligation to print any material submitted for publication and has the discretion to accept or reject such material without obligation to give reason.

ACA has the right to change The Australian Chiropractor Advertising Policy whenever necessary without notice.