Risk Management Videos

Risk Management Videos

A National Initiative on Risk Management Standardisation 2019

In order to maximise the learning opportunities afforded by leading Risk Management expert, Dr John Kelly, ACA are offering chiropractors the opportunity to purchase the 2019 Risk Management Roadshow recording.

Dr Kelly has reviewed the changing face of litigation over the past 33 years, providing a synopsis of the “then and now” of the issues faced by chiropractors in clinical practice.

Take the opportunity to learn valuable, first hand lessons from real Australian cases. The Roadshow covers:

  • histories which should have triggered caution;
  • differential diagnostic options considered;
  • informed consent procedures;
  • technique selection issues;
  • monitoring of patient progress; and
  • the issue of when to refer – or not?


The content in these videos may be incorporated as part of your annual learning plan.


Once your payment has been processed you will receive a link to the videos.

ACA members $165.00
Non ACA members $247.50