Health Initiatives

The ACA is very proud of the range of health initiatives it has introduced to provide practical resources for health-conscious Australians.

These health initiatives range from exercise programs to free, downloadable apps to assist you in incorporating healthy habits into your everyday living.

Straighten Up

Straighten Up is an ongoing community service initiative of the ACA, and is an easy and enjoyable everyday program to improve your health and the way your body functions.

Sit Right

Our backs were not designed to spend long periods of time sitting at desks. View the Sit Right page, to learn tips and information on sitting right in the office or at home.

Sleep On It

As such a large portion of our lives are spent in bed, it’s vital to maintain correct sleeping positions that support your spine throughout the night.

Travel Tips for the Holidays

Avoid some of the travel ‘bugs’ that can spoil a holiday! We’ve compiled a list of the top travel tips to keep in mind as you enjoy your next holiday.