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09 Aug 2021

Warrington, Cheshire, UK

Amazing opportunity to join a large, fun, passionate team with great short and long-term prospects.

• Existing Patient Base;

• Clinical and Business Mentorship;

• Path to Partnership;

Visit www.bit.ly/alba-chiro for more info Clinics in Stockport and Warrington, Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM

23 Aug 2021

Northumberland, United Kingdom

Want to be part of an awesome Chiropractic team in the UK? Are you are seeking a meteoric rise to amazing practice success? Then look no further as this might be the opportunity you are looking for!

If you are looking to develop your skills in all areas of practice life and want to 'fast track' the process, we can provide the mentorship and coaching to get you there.

With nearly 30 years clinical experience both in Australia and the UK, principal Chiropractor Belinda has grown 2 very successful practices from scratch, whilst raising 3 children and travelling extensively.

She is involved in several business and personal development mastermind groups and for fun, invests in property on the side. This means Belinda can provide unbelievable added value to the new associate making this an exceptional opportunity for the right people.

We can provide:

• Assistance with GCC fees and PI insurance for the first year;

• In house training/CPD/conferences;

• Masterminds/workshops for ultimate practice & personal development;

• Happy, high energy support team & environment;

• Tier 2 visa considered for the right person.

Our practice specification:

• Open plan

• DR x-ray facilities & DACBR reporting system

• Myovision sEMG

• Full CA/marketing

Support team

• Rehab programs - Pilates, yoga, strength & conditioning

We are looking for ambitious, high energy, team players with 'can do' attitudes. If you want the ultimate life/lifestyle success formula, then you'll fit right in.

Northumberland, our best kept secret offers everything for both individuals and families. We have the ultimate lifestyle enjoying the best of rustic country living and cosmopolitan city life and if you have interests in any of the following, you'll just love it here:

• Surfing beaches

• Horse riding schools

• Snow ski fields (with a lift!), seriously..

• Buzzing city life - theatre, bars, nightlife

• Sport - anything and everything

• Idyllic walks

• International/domestic travel - the airport is 20 minutes away, and much more...

If you like what you've read, why don't we have a deeper conversation, and you can tell me about your goals and aspirations and let's see if we can be a perfect fit.

Please apply to contact@aligned-chiropractic.co.uk



05 Oct 2021

London, UK

Growing tired of snap lockdowns and want to have the freedom to travel internationally again? Chiro.London pre-pandemic regularly recruited from Australia and it's time to reach out again. We have 5 clinics in Central London and we are keen to speak to you about working with us, especially if you have experience in family, child and pregnancy care.

Craig, our founder is an Aussie but reach out to @sammykalechiro on instagram for a employer reference, she has recently returned to Melbourne after 3 years with us. More info about us at www.chiro.london

We can accommodate you using the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa or we are licensed to sponsor you (for up to 5 years) via a Skilled Worker Visa.


19 Oct 2021

Bristol, United Kingdom

Be the chiropractor you want to be. Because Willow has the expertise and resources to support us, the Chiropractors here are focused on Chiropractic and nothing else. “Willow has such a big support system and so many people to help you in so many different ways – it just blew my mind.

I can focus on my practice and I know we’ve got an amazing team behind us, which means I never have to worry about where the new patients might come from. Not having to worry about that is a real blessing.” (Freya, Clifton Clinic)

We have a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Chiropractor to walk into a well-established clinic and take over an existing wellness patient base. We have consciously created a kind and collaborative environment where colleagues feel confident enough to share their insights and comfortable enough to form lasting bonds with their team and their patient.

Dedicating our energy to just one task (being a great Chiropractor!) allows us to spend the vast majority of our time with patients - and that makes our working week extremely profitable. Everyone at Willow is earning significantly more than the average chiropractor and those with the most ambitious goals are supported in achieving limitless success.

Generous package and relocation support available for overseas candidates: www.willowlife.co.uk

Put your passion for Chiropractic, love of people and ambition to success to good use at Willow Chiropractic, the country’s leading chiropractic team.

Get in touch (people@willowlife.co.uk) and join a team who create incredible stories of personal transformation every day!