Oxidative Stress: A key player in Chronic Disease

Oxidative Stress: A key player in Chronic Disease

31 Jul 2019
8:30pm - 9.30pm AEST


Dr Carl Thistlethwayte will present the Nutrition Interest Group’s next webinar on Oxidative Stress: A key player in chronic disease. In this webinar, the causes and effects of free radical excess and oxidative stress on cellular function will be defined.

A brief refresher of cellular biology and mitochondrial function will be followed by details of the detrimental effects of oxidative stress on cellular energy production (ATP) via damage to the mitochondria by excess free radicals. The role of the immune system and nervous system in this process will also be discussed.

Lifestyle causes of oxidative stress will be covered and any evidence supporting/refuting dietary intake of antioxidant containing food or supplements will also be discussed.

Learning outcomes

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How to define oxidative stress, free radicals and antioxidants.
  • How chronic stress, free radical excess and antioxidant deficiencies can negatively impact on mitochondrial function.
  • The evidence supporting/refuting the use of specific micronutrients, and antioxidant food sources and supplements to enhance mitochondrial energy production, reduce oxidative cellular damage.
  • The biological mechanisms leading to the detrimental effects of oxidative stress on the hepatic, endocrine and nervous systems
  • The connection between chronic inflammation and clinical symptoms via free radicals and specific neuro-immune pathways.

Registration Costs

Nutrition CIG member – free
ACA members – $33.00
ACA students – free
Non ACA members $66.00

CPD Allocation: 1 FLA

Dr Carl Thistlethwayte

Dr Carl Thistlethwayte

Dr Thistlethwayte has 13 years of clinical experience as a chiropractor and two years teaching experience at the University of Sydney (2007-2008).  He is a committee member of the Nutrition interest group and has a keen interest in the role of diet and lifestyle in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease states.

Earlier this year, Dr Thistlethwayte had to part from clinical practice due to injury and has been furthering studies in functional medicine through the Functional Medicine University in the meantime. He is looking forward to you joining him for the webinar.

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