Nutrition - ACA


About this group

The Nutrition Interest Group act as the peak chiropractic body promoting the integration of evidence-based nutritional advice into chiropractic care and the advancement of further education and research in wellbeing, disease prevention and health promotion.

Aims and Objectives

  • Work with chiropractors, chiropractic students, educators, academics and key stakeholders to promote the integration of evidence-based nutrition into chiropractic healthcare.
  • Maintain the role of the chiropractor as a primary care practitioner whilst working within a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare incorporating good nutrition.
  • Act as a peak peer review body for chiropractors providing nutritional advice, and research.
  • Develop and maintain an extensive database of current nutritional research literature and other relevant information for access by the membership.
  • Promote evidence-based and ethical practice in relation to nutrition.
  • Act as an advisory body to government, regulatory and institutional bodies in the formation and development of policies relating to nutrition.