Women In Chiropractic

Women In Chiropractic

About this group

The Women in Chiropractic Interest Group (WIC) was established to unite female chiropractors and bring them together to support each other within the profession. The group empower and support female chiropractors as they face unique challenges as practitioners, advocating on their behalf.

The WIC committee provides support, leadership, mentoring and empowerment to female practitioners.

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide support and empowerment to female practitioners, as they face unique issues within the field.
  • Build a community of women that support each other and lift one another up.
  • Advocate on behalf of female practitioners to combat the challenges they face and implement words into action.
  • Host regular events around the country that bring female chiropractors together, to discuss issues concerning them and embrace the comradery with shared experiences.
  • Mentor fellow female chiropractors to take on leadership roles within the profession and within their own personal lives.


In our commitment to empower and support female chiropractors, ACA coordinates WIC events throughout the year.

Become a Program Leader

Would you like to be involved in the WIC program by leading an event or local group in your area? Complete the WIC Program Application Form.

Keep Informed

To keep up-to-date with the latest WIC news and events be sure to join the national Facebook group.