About this group

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rural and Remote Practitioner Network (ARRPN), is working to unite the profession through advocacy, support and promotion through communities, private practice as well as multidisciplinary teams. The ARRPN also represent the special needs of chiropractors and the rural and indigenous communities they serve.

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide effective channels of communication amongst chiropractors working in rural, remote and indigenous communities.
  • Assist rural and remote chiropractors to access administrative support.
  • Affordable continuing professional development.
  • Develop mechanisms to address the unique challenges of rural and regional situation and opportunities for promoting the health of their communities.
  • Provide an effective voice for those practitioners serving rural and remote areas including indigenous populations, with appropriate organizations, forums and conferences.
  • To foster relevant research and publications involving and highlighting the issues, objectives and challenges facing those serving rural, remote and Indigenous communities.
  • Establish links with other health professions, government and non-government organisations to promote the availability of skills, knowledge and resources for chiropractors in order to improve the delivery of care in these communities.

ACA members are welcome to join the ACA ARRPN Facebook group and connect with other practitioners working in this space.