AICE Wellbeing & Lifestyle Medicine

AICE Wellbeing & Lifestyle Medicine

About this group

The ACA Wellbeing and Lifestyle Medicine (WLM) Group acts to promote the integration of best-practice chiropractic care with the evidence-based management of Lifestyle-related determinants of health with the view to advancement of further education and research.

The evolution of this group reflects a growing interest and need for a broader focus and robust evidence-base for the effective chiropractic management of the multiple complex factors impacting the health of those within our care. Lifestyle Medicine is a rapidly advancing global field of healthcare entirely consistent with chiropractic principles and provides an interdisciplinary, patient-centric and holistic approach toward the prevention, management and reversal of lifestyle-related chronic diseases through the modification of behavioural, social and environmental drivers.

Aims and Objectives

The members of the Wellbeing and Lifestyle Medicine CIG work in collaboration with chiropractic colleagues, chiropractic students, allied health professionals, medical practitioners, educators, researchers and key stakeholders aligned with the principles of Lifestyle Medicine to:

  • Promote the integration of evidence-based and ethical chiropractic health care with evidence-based wellbeing and Lifestyle-related healthcare management
  • Maintain the role of the chiropractor as a primary care practitioner whilst working within an interdisciplinary environment incorporating Lifestyle Medicine
  • Act as a peak peer review body for chiropractors providing chiropractic, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Medicine advice and guidance
  • Develop, maintain an extensive accessible database of current research literature and other relevant information for the membership
  • Act as an advisory body to the ACA board in the formation and development of policies relating to chiropractic and Lifestyle Medicine