About Sports & Exercise

About Sports & Exercise

History of Sports & Exercise Group

The Sports & Exercise Clinical Practice Group (Sports Chiro Australia) was established over 30 years ago, and has seen several name changes in that time. Sports & Exercise started out as the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) Council on Sports Injuries and Performance.

Sports & Exercise Vision Statement

To enhance the health of physically active Australians through chiropractic care and to increase integration and cooperation with others in sports healthcare.

Sports & Exercise Mission Statement

  • Enhance and develop the expertise of chiropractors who are active in sports injury prevention and management through education, research and professional relationships.
  • Create a means for connecting the public with chiropractors with an interest and skills in sports chiropractic.
  • Develop partnerships with similar organisations for the benefit of the Australian sporting community.
  • Share knowledge and resources to further the understanding of injury prevention, injury management and performance enhancement for the physically active.
  • Be an active and valuable member of the sports medicine community in Australia. Contribute to creating a safer sporting environment for all Australians.

Sports & Exercise Committee

  • Brad Immermann – Chair
  • Natalie Sharp- Vice Chair
  • Adam Gavine, Research Officer
  • Luke Nelson – Education Officer
  • Lyndall Daley – Communications Officer
  • Teghan Butler – Events/Games Officer

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