Inspiring Happy Babies – Chiropractic Essentials

Inspiring Happy Babies – Chiropractic Essentials

Date: 22 Feb 2023
Time: 8:30pm - 9:30pm AEDT


AICE Paediatrics are presenting a webinar titled Inspiring Happy Babies – Chiropractic Essentials to be held on Wednesday 22 February 2023 and presented by Dr Paul Chamberlain.

Unsettled babies remain one of the most common presentations to chiropractors in Australia. But how skilled are family chiropractors at delivering the most effective care for this cohort?

Child-only chiropractor and Paediatric Educator, Dr Paul Chamberlain, has developed this step-by-step webinar, introducing a toolkit he developed with chiropractor Dr Adam Stewart to help inspire happier, healthier babies. It’s full of practical tips, diagnostic tools, and take-home information for chiropractors, and the families they serve.

Date:  Wednesday 22 February 2023
Time:  8:30pm to 9:30pm AEDT

Registration closes 4:00pm 22 February 2023.


Learning Outcomes

This new toolkit provides chiropractors with skills to confidently assess the cause of unsettled babies. The toolkit, developed by chiropractors Paul Chamberlain and Adam Stewart, systematically identifies the cause/s of crying babies. It informs targeted management for chiropractors to apply, thereby inspiring happier, healthier babies.


Dr Paul Chamberlain

Dr Paul Chamberlain (child-only chiropractor) is the owner and founder of Paul’s Paediatrics, a chiropractic-paediatric mentoring program.  In his teaching, he seeks to combine wisdom, love, and a commitment to excellence. Since the Australian lock downs, Paul has started running Paul’s Paediatrics, an online 1:1 and group paediatric coaching/mentoring sessions. This is getting rave reviews, and is providing a new and exciting way for chiropractors to tailor their learning, and accelerate their certainty when caring for babies and children.

Paul graduated from RMIT in 1999, after completing a Science degree at Monash University, culminating in an honours year (First Class) in Anatomy. He has practised in a child-focused setting since 2003.

Dr Chamberlain was the first to study the intensive Fellowship of Chiropractic Paediatrics in Melbourne, and he supervised several delegates through the program over 10 years. Dr Chamberlain has lectured at undergraduate and post-graduate level in Australia and New Zealand in paediatrics for nearly 20 years. He has authored and presented units of the Certificate and Diploma of Chiropractic Paediatrics. And most recently co-authored and presented the Mastery of Infant Wellness through Vital Child Chiropractic Education.

Registration Costs

AICE members:  Free
ACA members:  $55.00
Non ACA members: $99.00